HELP! another problem with herb gardening

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HELP! another problem with herb gardening

Well I started using a lamp for my herbs for light and this seems to have really helped, although some of the Parsley continues to wilt but other parts of it seem to be growing strong. I have now run into another problem. Mold semms to be growing on the soil now. I have no idea why this is happening and what can be done to stop it? Any suggestions? Has anyone else had so many problems with growing herbs? I always thought that it was suppose to be very easy.
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The soil may be too wet, too acidic, or too compacted.
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Growing plants is not easy.

Hi dys199

You said: I always thought that it was suppose to be very easy.

Yes that seems to be the #1 feeling among new Gardeners. I mean after all look at all the plants around us, & all those Fruit & Vegetables in the store.

Well you discovered the first truth of growing plants, it's not easy to grow plants. Plants like Animals come into this world fighting for their lives. If they are not wild plants we must replace what that plant lost becoming a domestic plant. Like a Dog & a Wolf we humans must care for the Dog & not the wolf it is wild & takes care of it'self.

I have seen Growing Plants from both sides, I have worn the hat of a Gardener & the Hat of a Farmer. I have spent 2 years in school & many hundreds more hours, going to workshops & weekend workshops.

I wish I had just $5.00 for every crop Faliure( I lost due to Storms, Animals, Fungus, unable to Keep sprays on plants due to rain.) I could fill 2 books, 1 what Nature did to my efforts to grow plants & 2 all the mistakes like using infected potting soil, to save $1.00 a bag.

Green thumbs or sore backs? I am paying instead of renting today, & that said to my wife & I, let's grow Fruit Trees . The one thing a renter dare not plant for obivous reasons is fruit trees. We have close to 30 trees of all kinds of fruit, & some of our City Friends have remarked how much bigger our trees are than theirs.

When we ask how they prepared the planting hole we get a, well you know we dug a hole large enough to get the roots in. How did you feed them? We gave them some 10-10-10 fertilizer.

How did you plant yours they ask. Well we start by diging a hole 10 feet accross & 5 feet deep to start. My Lord that's over kill one guy said.

What are we planting? A tree, not a tomato that dies with the first frost. A SemiDwarf fruit tree can & will fill that hole, & then some with it's roots. Food like 10-10-10 wil last 3 Months & the tree may live 15 years or more. The proof is in the plant my Farmer GrandFather used to say.

Back to your problem. Do you have the parsely in clean sterilized potting soil? Also is the fungus growing on the soil, or both plant & soil? I have used Camomile tea after the soil has dried out as a mild & nontoxic fungicide.

One certian way to keep fungus down, is not to over water the soil. As you water the air is driven out of the soil, & as the soil dries out, it pulls oxygen back into the soil. This process of letting the soil dry between watering, makes it hard for fungus to grow.

I hope I was able to show you that there is so much more to preparing a healthy living zone, for living plants. There are good sources for understanding the basics of plant growing & soils. do a search Kitchen Herb growing, starting seeds, growing houseplants. There is a world of information on the Internet & yes I am still studying & going to classes after all those years I still am learning.

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