Preventing Tree Roots in Garden


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Preventing Tree Roots in Garden

Can anyone comment on an idea I have to help keep the neighbors tree roots from coming into my vegetable garden? My garden is along the fence. I have considered placing some roll aluminum (roof flashing material) in the ground. By digging a trench along my side of the fence and placing this metal 12'' deep with the edge above ground, would this keep most roots out of my garden?
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One consideration is that tree roots grow slowly. Simply digging the trench and redigging it annually should keep them out. You could dig the trench and fill it with sand or mulch or peat moss and make it easy to redig.

On the other hand, your idea should work well.
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dig your trench and install some thick plastic sheeting. i woud go about 2.5 ft deep, install plastic to surface and bury. plastic will be more long term than sheet metal.
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I had a problem like yours, only the tree is mine. It is a maple tree, old and beautiful, and also it shades my house nicely. I have had a lot of trouble growing anything under if though. I needed some color along my walk, so I dug a trench along side of the walk and lined it with roofing shingles, filled it with great soil, and voila! (I made sure of drainage by the layering of the shingles.) I don't know how long this will last, but so far one year and all is well.

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