Pests eating my vegetable plants


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Pests eating my vegetable plants

I planted peas from seeds, and they are now about 1 inch or so. However, I'm slowly losing the tops because something is eating it. How do I control these pests? Is there a net I can put on the plants. It seems that the bugs get them when my vegetable plants first start coming out of the dirt. I started with 12 pea plants, and now I'm down to 3. When I check my garden, I do see many "roly-poly" bugs walking around. It's the bugs that curl up into a ball when you touch them. Do you think they are the culprits? I used to see them on my cucumbers.

Thanks for the help.
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The roly-poly is most likely the cuprit, because they will eat the tender plants. Chemically, you put out a bait to kill them. Organically, I don't know.

It also helps to pull back the mulch.
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Smile Tips R for Aphids.

Hello Nadine

Aphids the tip killer.
Description. These are small, soft-bodied insects with a wide color range varying from green to black.

Injury. The aphids remove plant juices, causing the leaves to curl and turn yellow. They may cause a failure of bloom set in tomatoes.

Plants Attacked. Aphids attack most vegetables, but they tend to cause more damage to peas, okra, mustard, cabbage, and turnips.

I have used both Hot Pepper concentrate & Neem Oil to control the Aphids on everything that get's them. From what I read the Rolly Polly bug it is more likely to eat dead vegetation. Growing Organicly involves the use of many natural mulches so we see quite a few Roly-Polys, but no damage to our plants, they eat the mulch.

Aphids & Slugs in that order is what we fight when growing Peas. Aphids like Ticks transmit viruses & Fungi causing tip death & killing the seadling. For Slugs use Sluggo it is a small pellet that kills the slugs from hiding places to their food sorce it is safe for Kids & Pets.

For a positive ID take a magnifying glass & look for a fat but and all sizes of little green aphids all over the tips of the peas still growing. Let us know if you find what is eating the tips. If you see Aphids my #1 choice is Neem oil.

A good Gardeners tip: It's often what you don't see, that feeds on your plants. So watch for & catch them feeding, & you will know how to treat what's bugging you, after all the other bugs are eating Bugs, & helping you.

Replant it's not too late.
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Hi Marturo and Chfite,

Thanks for the help. I don't have aphids on my peas or any other plants around me. I know what aphids look like because I have seen them on other plants in both green and black. As far as slugs, I haven't seen any when I go out to inspect my garden. But then again, maybe I'm expecting to see huge ones like what I had in Hawai'i and not looking close enough. I'll keep my eye out on them.

My brussel sprouts and lettuce seem to be doing fine. Of course, there are still in the stage where I have yet to thin them out. Nothing has eaten them as yet. I figured the lettuce will be the first to go with the bugs. When I planted cucumbers last season, I did see inch worms (those little green caterpillars) and saw their little poop on the leaves below. I figured they would be munching on my lettuce by now. They always did when I planted lettuce in Hawai'i. That's why I was hesitant to plant lettuce, but my boyfriend wanted to grow lettuce. I told him I'm not eating one leaf! Seeing one live caterpillar in my salad was more than enough to deter me from every planting lettuce again!

I'll keep a careful eye out and see what's getting them.

Thanks again,

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