Grape Vine Pest


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Earl Wade
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Question Grape Vine Pest

Hi, need some help with my Grapevine Pest. Each year as the grapes start to form and are about the size of a pin head, something eats them. I have tried spraying them, even used soap spray, nothing works to well. Any help would be a blessing.

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Earl Wade
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Grapevine Pest

Hi Chris, thanks for the information. I'll print it out and see if I can win this year over those pest. Have a great week.

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Smile Late Winter sprays

Hi Earl

I was wondering if you use a Dormant oil spray followed a few weeks later with Lime/ Sulpher spray?

Many of the insects, fungi & bug eggs, can be controled before they harm the fruit when it's most suceptable. Dormant oil smothers eggs & bugs over wintering in the bark and Lime/Sulpher spray makes it harder for fungi spores to start, & infect our fruit.

With Fruit it's always better to prevent than to treat, because the fruit has been penetrated it's all but impossable to get in and kill out the problem. Do you use a wound dressing to seal & cover the cut areas after pruning?

Fruit in general is much harder to keep healthy than I would have believed, before I got into growing Trees, bushes, Vines & Brambles. Timing of sprays is critical, & can't be put off for a week without running into trouble. I must say the pay-off in fresh tree ripened fruit is the big payoff.
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Any possibility that deer may be eating them? They did in my blueberries last year!
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Smile The Grape Moth & Worm

The Grape Moth lays eggs that hatch into Catapillars (Worms) they will eat the flowers, tiny grapes & live in maturing fruit.

We spray Dipel DF at petal fall & have not had that much damage. This season we will try spraying Dipel before the buds open just to confirm our losses are caused by the Grape Moth Worm.

Dipel is only deadly to catapillars (Worms) so it will not affect the polenizing insects. Use NU-Film 17 a natural pinol sticker with the Dipel right to harvest & spray it every 2 weeks. The Nu-Film 17 makes Dipel 100% more efective, because rain won't wash the Dipel off.

Warning: Never use any sticker Natural or Chemical with a pesticide that is toxic to Humans. Dipel, Copper, hot pepper wax all are ok. Rotenone is a toxic Organic for beatle control that can be washed off before eating as it loses it's toxic nature in 24 hours, only not so when you cover it with any sticker. A sticker makes the time you can apply, until you can eat the produce much longer.

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