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is it worth it to buy earthworms and put them in the garden?
or will like all the birds pluck them right out?
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I don't know where you are, but I find that creating a good environment such as a 2 - 3 inch thick layer of ground leaves and enough watering to keep the bottom of the layer moist will provide plenty of worms that will come and reproduce. Work some of the leaves into the soil to provide some loose soil for them to start with. I just add leaves each year and have plenty of worms naturally. They break up the soil, transport the vegetative material into the soil, and leave casings for moisture transpiration. They are all throughout the grass in my yard.

If you have no worms, buying some would be a good start. Or you may just be able to get some from a friend.

Here is a data sheet from Ohio State covering some general information about worms.

The birds don't seem to eat enough to matter.

Hope this helps.
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Like chfite said you can get them from a friend or just buy earth worms from a fish bait shop. If you do end up getting worms, give them a chance and put them in the garden and put a thick layer of lose dirt over them. If you just throw them in the garden, the birds will have a feast.
If you want to find out if you do have worms now, water your lawn or garden around dinner time, then go out around 9 o'clock at night with a flash light and start looking for them, if you do have them they will be out.
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A quick dig in the garden should give you an idea about the worm population in your soil. As indicated, a healthy garden environment with loose soil, mulch, and moisture will attract earthworms. Nightcrawler hunting can be fun. If you don't find them after dark in your lawn, then perhaps a friend would not mind if you went hunting with a flashlight in their backyard. Yard should be sprinkled early evening to bring them to the surface after dark. Or, you can purchase extra worms when you go fishing and release the leftovers in the lawn when you get home. Take care to place them beneath garden soil so they can dig in.

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