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Question Dogwood tree

I have a dogwood tree in my front yard that appears healthy.The problem is that does not bloom,or if it does,it is very little. Does it need fertilizer? Any advice would be appreciated.It is not very big,the age is unknown.
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sounds like a nutrient deficientcy[most likely phos.] of some sort. could also be a wound. check out howard has a good sick tree treatment they say works well.
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White Spring Ghost tree


How long have you lived around this Dog Wood tree? I ask because we have had a beautiful White one in the front & over the last 18 years it has gone through many phases. Some years it a White ball & then others it has little or no flowers.

Here in Western NC the Dogwood trees have a disiese that is killing our DogWood's in the Mountains. I use this 3/8 drill made for bulb planting & drill every 3 feet out at the drip line. Use a 1 pint of Fertrells Natrual plant or use 1/2 pint of 5-10-15 the 10 & 15 are both good for Flowers & roots.

In the cool damp part of the Morning you can use a half & half mix of Liquid fish & Seaweed spray (Kelp) folier feeding at once a week. If after that you have any micronutrient deficincys I would be verry surprised.

Mix a 1/2 tea spoon of dishwashing soap per gallion of spray, it will make it flow better & go into the leaf better. Allways feed your trees after Spring if fed before they can cause the tree to pop out to soon & get frozen leaves.

In all the years we have lived here I have seen only 7 or 8 big flower shows.

Good luck with the feeding.

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