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Question Landscaping question

I'm probably not in the right forum, but I'll ask anyway. I am gardening and landscaping illiterate. I am going to do some landscaping on my own and was wanting to know what people thought of lava rock. I think it is beautiful, but I really don't know enough about this stuff to make an informed decision. I am planning on putting down weed barrier fabric first, putting in edging, then putting down lava rock. I am looking for very low maintenance. That's why I decided against mulch. I'm too lazy to replace it every year, and rubber mulch is too expensive for me right now. Any comments and suggestions would be wonderful!
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Yours sounds like a workable plan. I never thought about lava rock. If it is cheaper than mulch, that is definitely the way to go. I don't remove mulch, it just add to it when it needs it every few years.

Hope this helps.
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As I mentioned in another thread, don't forget about the leaves that fall mixing in with the red? lava rock. It skewes the color of the beds, something fierce.

I have red rubber mulch and I wish I got the wood colored mulch instead.
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Lava rock is becoming popular here (sw Florida). It is attractive but does require maintenance and some planning. It can hold a lot of heat, so it can't be used around plants that have problems with this unless extra water (or shade) for cooling is provided. Like mentioned above, leaves will fall on it and would need to be blown out regularly. Weed seeds will also blow in and sprout, and if they get their roots into the paper will be difficult to get out. Plan regular (I do it monthly) Round-Up rounds where you have stone mulch.

It is easier than regular mulching, IMO, but not maintenance-free, and it would be harder to deal with if you decide to change the plantings in that area.

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