protecting foundation from grapevine?


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protecting foundation from grapevine?

My neighbors gave me a grapevine.

Due to the large trees in my yard, I had to put it in a particular spot that recieves the most Sun.

I placed it with the roots growing away from my (other side) neighbors foundation, but she is concerned for her foundation.

I leafed through my gardening in Ohio handbook and it said to not be concerned with grapevine roots (shallow, not detrimental?) near foundations.

Due to her concern, I am trying to think of a way to stop the roots from growing towards her home. The options I have deduced thus far are

1. Bury some plexiglass or PVC (vertically) to force the roots to grow away from her home...

2. I was thinking of building a fence on that side of my porch anyways, dig a big trench and bury cinder blocks solid side towards the main vine...

Any advice? I'm not sure about root depth and strengh of roots, I garnished from what I read in my Ohio gardening book that they would by no means push the foundation, but at the same time I want to ensure her comfort with my grapevine planted in the only spot possible (i.e most sun...)

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Talking Grapes & their roots causing problems to surounding structures.

Hi bkent

Of course you are right grapes will not break into basements., so now you need a little Garden Magic.
What ever it takes to make them happy I always say, & that goes for the complainers most of all.

I have pulled dead grapes out by hand, that were over 20 years old & have been amazed at how small the root system is on a Grape.

Since you like digging, I would opt for a 3' deep by 2' high wire reinforced cement fence. Paint the top to keep the cement from weathering, you could pour a top & make a nice Garden bench also. Cement can go on for years while plastic will start cracking in a few years. Good Fences make good neihbors

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