Traing Forsythia bush


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Traing Forsythia bush

I have a nice double row of forsythia bushs, they were all planted last year. My question is how do I get all the branchs to grow up-right, so it can fill in and make a nice bush.
I've seen some people tie all the branchs up tight together, I guess they leave it like that for a while then cut the rope hoping they will stay in the up-right position. Myself I was thinking to just cut all the wild branchs and just work with it.
Right now the bush is going buck wild, branchs everywhere. Some are laying on the grass.

Any help would be great.
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They are difficult to "train".
All you can really do is trim it as you like after it has completed blooming.
And I usually trim again later in the summer as they do go wild and unruly.

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With Forsythia, you would have to cut back the long branches from time to time to keep them off of the ground. The long, drooping branch is the normal growth habit of the Forsythia. Wherever you cut them, the length will stop and they will branch. Just trim them a couple of times a year. This is not an especially compact plant by nature.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info, great help

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