rabbit poo as fertilizer?


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rabbit poo as fertilizer?


I have beening growing herbs at home and now I am wondering about fertilizer for my plants. I had planned to grow these herbs for my bunny to eat so I dont want to use any type of fertilizer that will harm her. I was wondering can I my rabbits stool as fertilizer? Would that work? has anyone tried it before? I am also wondering if I can use it when do I put it in the plant do I put it on the top of the soil or shoudl I replant the herb and out it at the bottom of the pot.

Any Help is Appreciated.

Thank You
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Rabbit manure is special in that it will not burn plants. It makes an excellent fertilizer without needing to be composted. Just apply it around the plant as you would any other fertilizer.
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Chris is right about rabbit manure in that it is one of few types that can be put directly on plants.

I had tried raising meat rabbits for a while but what I found was that when the droppings were put directly in the garden it took a very long time for the pellets to break down.
My wife did not particularly care for harvesting her produce amongst the little beads.
If this is an issue for you you could mix it with a bit of soil and keep it moist to help break it down.

I havn't had rabbits for about a year and am left with about 3 wheelbarrows worth of manure and am now using it to add to an open compost pile for a really rich compost.
I'm not sure what you feed your rabbit but in Canada commercial feeds are Alfalfa based and I believe feed in the US is corn based.
Is this so?
I wonder if this might change the consistency of the pellets.
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Question Rabbit Manure Fresh use?

Hello everyone

As a grower of fresh Organic Fruit & Vegetables for Human consumption. I have a little different take on using any Manure that has not been Composted.

I am not Vegan & the very thought of feeding our God Made Vegitarians & our food source (Animals) any tiny part of flesh is unforgivable. I think it may be plant or Animal, that we are using Human DNA in the GMOs witch's brew. Will I or my decendants suffer illnesses tied to Canibalism? Only time will tell.

Not being able to predict what the Animal Food Cos will put into the food next, I do have some control. Composting kills Dangerious Bactieria, & while that may not kill all, it does kill out many of the bad ones.

So in light of that & it takes but 21 days to Compost, please think about erring on the safe side, & you can DIY very easily. This is just the feelings of a Farmer, who grows food to help make people healthy not to make them sick.

Yes indeed we all at one point many long year's ago used fresh Manure Tea & watered our plants with it. However the new Organic rules & Regs state that no uncomposted manure's will be used on growing plants. We can till fresh manures into the soil in fall & plant no sooner than 6 Months later.

Thank you for your time.

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