weed n feed n worms?


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weed n feed n worms?

is it too late to apply weed and feed? And I have a crabapple tree that has... worms. The worms have made they're nest in joints of the tree and I'm not sure what to do. Should I spray? and what? or should I just cut out the infected limbs? What kind of worms are they?
Thanks soo much!
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is it too late to apply weed and feed?
It depends upon your location, but it may well be. Some brands are formulated for application at different times of the year and by locale.

What do the worms resemble: what color and shape, size? Is there a web in the crotch of the tree? You might take some of them to the local nursery for speedy identification. Once you know what they are, you will be able to treat the problem.
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yes, webs are present and it seems the infected limbs from the web up are dying.

thanks for the help
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Tent catapiliars

If it looks like a nest covered in a spider web like substance filled with small catapilars they may be Tent Catapilars. A good spraying with Dipel & a spreader/Sticker will rid them all & the tree will refoliate the damaged areas.

Also a large kill out will leave less Moths to lay eggs in that & other treas in the area next season.

Dipel & the spreader sticker is available at most Garden centers & Nurseries.

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