transplanting a tree


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transplanting a tree

I have a large blue spruce on a stick type tree. I'm guessing it's 6-8 years old. It's in the wrong place. I know the obvious, but any hints to transplanting with minimal harm. Is there a better time of year....etc

thanks in advance
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Dig the hole now.
Then wait until early Winter to transplant.

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Helpful Hints

I plant a lot of young seedlings and transplants each spring. Spring is the best time to do this before the tree has begun to generate new growth. When you replant it make sure you dig enough around the tree so you don't take out too many roots. Then plant it and place a hose on it and let the water run until our well dries up.

The best thing to do is make sure there is no air pockets in the ground that can come in contact with the roots, if there is there will be root rot and the tree will die
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i would do it now. the longer you wait, the bigger the tree. get as much of the root ball as you can handle.. keep the soil moist,not water logged, for several weeks. deep and infrequent watering is best. just dont let it get too dry.

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