Avacado tree


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Avacado tree

I have an avacado tree about 3 inches high. I want to know if i can move this avacado to plant outside. It is on the container. Should i wait till it gets bigger. How much water? How much sun? I grew it from a avacdo seed. Give me all the details on this plant if possible. Im new to this. Heres a picture. I live in Texas.
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hello deb789,

if you are not in the rio grande valley or at least south of san antone your tree will most likely freeze this winter. you may want to consider keeping it as a potted plant and enlarge the pot as necessary so you can bring it in in the winter.
wait to hear from marturo on this one. an avacado tree from seed may not produce good fruit. he will know.
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avacado tree

I live in San Antonio.Tx. If putting the avacado tree inside will it bear fruit?
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Hi deb789 Welcome to DIYs Garden forum

Many people see that big ol seed & grow it for fun.
I used to climb the Advacato trees in Panama for fun they were big trees.




Here are some links I found on growing these large trees.

You can grow them inside like you would a Tropical fish but,
Fish die if they loose warm water. There are some advacatos
hybridized for growing in cooler climes. Texas is streaching it
One cold Winter & it will die.

PS: I live in San Antonio.Tx. If putting the avacado tree inside will it bear fruit?
Answer: No.

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