Blackberry Killing


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Blackberry Killing

We live in the pacific northwest. We have blackberries trying to grow up in our scrubbery.

I looked in the store for something to kill blackberries, but when I read the instructions the words. "do not overspray on other plants" and "the area will be ready for replanting in 3-4 months" seem to jump out at me!

I get the idea that this is the scorched earth method of bramble removal.

I would like to find a way to remove the blackberries without killing anything else.

We have been cutting them down, but of course they grow back.
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Kill it all, or keep pulling/cutting it until it dies out.

Hi coop Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

Reading the label can save a lot of headaches

We have pulled out ( Killed by depriving from sun) Ivy, Creaper, trumpet vine, ETC. It takes time, but it works & leaves no left over toxins to affect everything else.

A plant killer may not work on grass sometimes, but most broad leaf plants subcum to it's toxins. Cutting the shoots off at ground level, is the way to killout brambles you must check & cut every 5 days until no more shoots emerge.
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You can cut the plants back. When the new growth appears, brush it with a coat of roundup. Be persistent. Brushing will control its application where you cannot spray.

Of course, you could dig them up and make more initial headway in that manner.

Hope this helps.

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