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Newbie - Flower Care Help

Hi All,

I'm new to gardening altogether, and have recently taken on the flower garden at the front of our house. We've chosen to plant perenials & so far have put in some pink & red pentas. These plants say that they require little water once established. I've been watering them once a day for the past several days. Only 2 days later, some of these plants are wilting already. Now, I'm in east Texas & we're having very warm dry weather lately. I've planted them using a 2:1 mixture of existing dirt with peat moss. Any thoughts from you plant gurus? Am I watering too much? Not enough? How do I know when they are established? Is the soil mixture right? Any & all help is appreciated.

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Penta is also known as Egyptian Starflower. A tough little annual that flourishes in the full sun. Feed it regularly for season-long blooms.

My guess is that the soil around the plant has air in it from planting. When you planted it, did you water it well enough for the water to make mud around the plant? This is called mudding in, it ensures that there is no air trapped in the fill.

If you are watering everyday, that is too much. Check the soil, stick your finger into it, to see if it is dry or holding moisture or is wet. This will serve as a guide for needing water. If your soil does not drain well, the plant may have wet feet. The mixture of peat and soil should have been ok for the plant. If the soil has a lot of clay in it, you may have created a bowl in the clay and the water is not percolating into the surrounding soil.

Hope this helps.
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sound like you planted 4 inch pots. it will take a week or two of regular waterings to get past the wilting and get some roots out into the soil. once the plant has rooted in your water can be cut back accordingly. if you are in the east texas sand, you will be watering regularly due to excessive leaching. be patient and only water when the plant shows stress. it is common practice for some people to over water new plants and give them the wet feet that chris mentioned. it has also been very windy here in north texas and establishing new plant material will take a little more water than normal due to evaporation.
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Yes, these are 4" pots. I dug the holes about 2" wider & deeper than the root ball, and added the soil mixture around it. I did "mud" the soil on the bottom, and in several layers as I added soil. I know that the garden may be retaining water, as drainage is not the best. We planted both red & pink pentas, & what's interesting is that the wilting (so far) seems to be only with the pink. Strange. If the wilting is normal for a new plant, & the soil is retaining water, then I'll hold off with the daily watering & continue keeping a close eye on things. Do you guys recommend any kind of "boost" formula? I'm wondering about the Miracle Gro or alike? I'm a little nervous as I am so new to this, & I have many more flowers to plant yet. I'm not sure I should invest in anymore until these first few are established.


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