Fish and Kelp #3


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Fish and Kelp #3

Marturo how often do you apply this as a spray on your plants?
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Foliar Feeding

Once a week will keep the plants happy & growing well. Do this very early in the am & the plants will pick up the biggest amount.

Another trick, is to use 1/2 the amount that the instructions say to use.

Like the yellow tell tell sign that you are taking to many B vitamins + others as well. We buy a powdered twice daily Vitamin, then just take 1 a day instead. The plant also does better with small steady meals, rather than one big meal every 2 weeks.

BTW: The first try with the RG-Beans, not one came up. Now that we have tried the rest, we have planted small patches in many different areas. 5 to 8 years stored outside a freezer, is way past their limits of storage. Did you try any?

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