Pine tree trimming


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Question Pine tree trimming

I have several pine trees in my yard, How do you properly trim them??
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Being a terminal bud tree, pines are seldom pruned. If you are keeping large pines such as: Southern Yellow Pine, Loblolly, or their ilk, branches are removed when the branches are too low. These trees usually drop the low branches naturally. If you cut the branch of a terminal bud tree, it does not grow further or grow back.

Some trim pines of the small, multi-branched variety to enhance the shape into a pyramid form useful for Christmas tree decoration. These would include Fraser fir.

Hope this helps.

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bad advice?

i was once given the advice to trim the "top chute" on pines to make them grow straighter and stronger (so there would never be two pieces that jet up straight causing a split looking tree). i did this once and by trimming the top most chute basically i was left with four brances that competed to be the new top chute..... bad advice!!

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