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Question New garden addict

I am quite new to the world of gardening but have found it to be one heck of an addiction.

I live in Zone 5 and have been looking for plant combinations for my garden. We have turned our front yard from a weed haven into a wonderful sitting area surrounded by garden. I see wonderful pictures of flower gardens where different flowers mingle with each other and I am wondering if there is a specific book out there that would help me to find suitable combinations for myself.

I have been planting flowers that I like but there is no form to my garden, just alot of different plants....while it looks lovely it is not quite what I am looking for.

Thank you for any suggestions.
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Smile A Garden

The beauty of a Garden is, there are no 2 alike. A garden takes years to develop so be patient, & add as you move different plants around when they sleep.

Never rush a garden, let it evolve & join a Garden club take garden tours & see what others are doing. You will soon see a small part of yourself in your garden but it takes time. In my case a lifetime I hope
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Thank you for your responce.

I guess my main question is how to plant certain plants together. I would like to have flowers showing all season long and I am not too sure how to go about it. Is it possible to plant say spring bulbs close to lilies or roses to ensure colour throughout the garden and if so, how far apart? Also, if I plant day lilies, can I plant asiatic ones so they mingle together or should they just be close by one another?

While I realize the garden look I am going for will take years to grow in all honesty, I have yet to earn my green thumb and have alot to learn.
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Thank you so much for the information, and the time put into the reply. You gave me many great ideas to start on.

As for the nursery, well, I was not getting that much help being that some of the larger type ones deal with the same ole plants, and the 'kids' tending them didn't have alot of info for me. I also badgered a couple of people, pestering them constantly with questions, but I have now found a local grower of hardy plants with an amazing amount of knowledge. I now feel I am heading in the right direction.

I will be using your container idea, being I am new at this I am finding it difficult to narrow down my choices of plants for the garden and placement of them. I think your idea will take off some of the stress off, bieng I can move them around freely until I decide on what I want to do.

Thank you so much again for the great advice!!!
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Talking constant blooms in the garden....

are a real challenge for new gardeners. Although I've been gardening for the past 10 or 12 years, I still consider myself a novice and find this a hard balance to achieve. We just built a brand new house and this is what I plan to do next spring as I develop my brand new garden.

Starting with early spring I will begin going for walks in well established neighborhoods and taking my digital camera. Every other day when I see a new plant in bloom, if I like the plant I'll take a picture of it and write down the name in a notebook (if I know what it is!). Then when I get home, download it to my computer along with a description of how I would like to use the plant, the date I saw it in full bloom and when I noticed it stopped blooming. I've been keeping a mental list in my head that includes crocus and early tulips for early spring, poppy's other plants that bloom in mid to late spring, peonies which are in full bloom now, and so on.

As I build my beds I hope to incorporate these plants in such a way so that I will always have a few plants blooming in any given bed that I create throughout the season. I think this would also work well for re-arranging or adding to established beds too. I think this will also work well for me because it will give me a really good indication of what will grow well in my zone.

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