Help with bushes!!!


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Angry Help with bushes!!!

These annoying bushes (see pic's URL) grow along my fence every summer and I really want to rid my yard of them.

Click here for picture...

What is the best way to get rid of these? I tried pulling them up but they grow under the fence and are intertwined with the fence. I don't want to yank up the fence just to remove these. They grow very tall and out of control.

Is there some form of weed killer, etc that I can use? Any help would be appreciated.

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You could spray them with RoundUp. You could cut them back and spray the new growth with RoundUp or any other general purpose herbicide.

Hope this helps.
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I couldn't open your photo, but I agree with Chris, esp with regards to trimming the trees back and spraying the new growth. This will lessen the danger of drifting spray and unintentionally killing other plants. Unlike many "healthy earth" people, I'm a fan of Round Up- I just try to limit the use and be very careful when I apply it.

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