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Is there anyone out there that can tell me when a cantelope is ready to pick? Like a typical novice, I planted them and then didn't research enough to determine when I should pick. They are peach colored on the bottom side but yet still green on top and firm also. I really don't want to mess up and wait too long but..., don't want to pick too soon either. Any advice out there?
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Easy Answer!

Take a walk around your 'lope' patch everyday. When you can smell the cantaloupes it/they are ready to pick. The ripest ones will be a golden color.

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As Fred said, the melon will turn golden, but especially the bed of the melon, or the spot laying on the ground. That will turn yellow.

Also, a ripe melon of any kind will easily slip from the vine if raised slightly
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Another way to find out if it would be ripe is to smell the the little end
of it (I don't know how to call it, not the skin but the little circle on top) If it smells sweet or nice: it would mean that it's ripe...

This works but i don't believe you would smell each and every one (it works in the super market though...)

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