Need help choosing a bush or tree


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Need help choosing a bush or tree

I need some help in choosing a tree/bush.
We would like to plant something along the street to help drivers see where the curb is when there is snow on the ground. Since we live on a curve, many drivers hit the curb and drive through the yard before they realize they are off the road (The curb is the very small inclined version, not the straight up 8 inch variety).

I would like a bush or tree that doesn't have a large spread because we do not want to block the view of the house. If it is a bush, then it must be thin but strong. If it is a tree, the base (up to about 5 ft) must not have to many branches.

We live in zone 7ish, central Maryland. We will be planting on the north-northeast side of the house, in just about full sun. I don't know the ph of the soil. The soil seems to be rich and not sandy or dry, although occaisionally we do get periods of relative drought in July/August.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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A row of Azaleas would br nice bordering the curb.

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Personally I would just run row of reflectors along the road every 3-4 feet , you know the type that are on rebar and 3-4 feet off the ground.

The main problem you are going to have with planting a bush or a tree on the side of the road is trying to get it to live through a winter. Tire slash with rain, snow and salt will destroy the tree or bush in one year. Have you ever noticed when you see trees or bushes close to the street , most of the time half of it is dead, and it's always the side that faces the street. Well it's dead because it is to close to the street and road salt destroyed it.

If you do really want to plant something, make sure it's a very stong and hardy, try to get as far from the curb as possible, and I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it. With the conditions you said, i may look into some type of holly bush. They are very stong bushs , they stay green all year round , they don't need much water in the summer, they can take a real beating, and they grow pretty fast, plus they are cheap. They will out last most bushs.
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I would put up reflectors, too. I suggest Forsythia. Fast growing, pretty yellow flowers at winter's end. Will grown back energetically even if cut off at the ground. Kind of open canopy of leaves about 5 feet tall and wide, deciduous, but nice winter appearance.
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Cool, thanks all. I will look into the plants you all mentioned.

As for the reflectors, that is a good idea also. What I may do is hang some type of Christmas ornament on the bushes/trees during the winter. And add some type of reflective material to the ornament. That way it doesn't look to out of place.

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