help with mulching flower bed


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help with mulching flower bed

Hi all
I am new to this gardening thing.
I have a empty dirt flower bed in front of my house beside the front steps.
I am going to plant a few annuals , a few perrinals, and a few shrubs.
I want to use the wood nuggets and black fabric. don't want to be weeding all the time.
Question is.............Do I just lay fabric down and dump and spread mulch around? I cut fabric out for the plants. But was wondering how plantings can get water when mulch is covering the fabric. These are the big wood nuggets. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't want this to fail on me. Time and effort and money is too much.
Thanks in advance. Will eagerly await your replies.
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"Do I just lay fabric down and dump and spread mulch around?"

Quick answer= Yes

I did the same thing at the townhouse we used to live in.

1. Designate your border. I would make this 3 or 4ft, since this is the width of most weedfabric at HD & L. It saves time and cuts down on the seams.
2. If it is just dirt (no grass or weeds), just lay out the fabric and stake it to the ground. Make sure your fabric goes under the edging. If not, weeds/grass will grow up the edge of the bed.
3. You can plant by cutting an "X" in the fabric just big enough for the plant.
4. Mulch.

Water will go through the mulch and fabric. No problem or issues there.

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