Weed ID


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Weed ID

I tried to reclaim a piece of my property that was vergrown with vines and brush. Cleared it all out but couldn't do anything with it right away. Now it's worse than ever with weeds as tall as I am!!!! Most of them have this strange purple stem, broad leaves and berry (white) like things at the top. Someone told me this growa near poison ivy. I am highly alergic. Any idea what this is and how to control?
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sounds like pokeweed[phytolacca americana] to me. if so, 2,4D will kill it.
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Picture of Poke

Check out Poke.
http://altnature.com/Herbs2003/pages/pokeberries_1.html This link has hundreds of plant pictures you may get lucky & find it here or it may take some more searching.

From your description it could be Posion Sumac it has clusters of small white berries up top & the whole plant is toxic to the touch. This plant is very toxic so do not touch or burn it.

Poke berries are never white, & the poke berries are toxic if you eat them just touching the plant is not harmful, small children eating the berries are most at risk.

Posion Sumac has a stem that looks more like smooth bark, & poke has a shiny dark purple hollow stem, with hanging clusters of green & purple berries.

Do a search on www.google.com & compare the pictures of both. Also do a search on Toxic plants if your plant does not look like either Poke or sumac. Keep searching or get an Audobon American wild plant book, they go by colors, flowers, & fruit. A worthwhile investment for finding plants by area of the USA.

There is a shot for posion ivy sensitive people now, talk to your Dr about it. This could be a harmless plant you have there, so you will have to find it in a search, or in the wild plant book. I have the whole Audobon series of field books & they are worth their weight in Gold.

A much safer herbacide called Burn Out made from Concentrated vineger & citric acid. We have used it for 2 years now, & it stops Posion Ivy cold in it's tracks.

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