a tomato plant


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a tomato plant

I bought one little tomato plant that I am growing in a 18x14 (circumference by depth) container on my back porch. You see, I am surrounded by cement in Philadelphia, PA. Anyway, the thing has grown immensely. When I purchased the pot at Franks, they recommended 12 inches. I went with the 14 inch and just today while checking the moisture of the dirt, I felt roots (I only went down about 3 inches). Am I to transplant this monstrosity again? If so, how do I do it? By the way, this is my first experience with growing anything.
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I would leave it so it will produce. Moving it now will probably keep it from producing, if it has not already done so.

Once a tomato is transplanted from a pup in the spring, it should be where it will stay for the season. A 14 inch pot is probably big enough, if you keep it fed and watered. Next season, choose a larger one.

Hope this helps.

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