Suckers on my trees


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Suckers on my trees

How can I prevent the growth of suckers from the base of my trees. I'm tired of cutting them off all the time.
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Some trees are more prone to suckering than others. The timing of pruning in general seems to promote suckering, pruning when the tree is dormant helps keep suckering down. It seems to me that suckering decreases as the tree matures. I just keep clipping them off when they appear. There are probably commercial products that can be applied to reduce suckering, but I am not familiar with them.

Trees require some attention as they mature to keep them healthy and properly formed.

Hope this helps.
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Fruit/aspen suckering

If the root is suckering, make up a 2% solution of roundup, cut off the suckers, take a sponge and daub the ends of the root suckers. On aspen, I don't even cut them off. After the Roundup application, put on several addional inches of reasonably good soil over the suckering areas. If suckering is coming from the trunk of the tree, simply cut the suckers off smooth to the trunk.
On fruiting rooting stock, (what is used as the root of the tree below the graft, even better is to choose the stock yourself. The modern rooting stocks are terrible about suckering. Older rooting stocks (the Merton-Mahling series, and others, were much better choices than some of the more prolific "modern" varieties.
Also, don't disturb the roots by hoeing, etc., on a young, rapidly growing crab or fruit. This injury (scratch) on the root encourages the suckering. Instead, put on several inches of soil, sort of like a mulch, then mulch over that. Any light the root sees also encourages suckering.

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