Strawberries very small


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Strawberries very small

I'm posting this for a friend:
Any help would be appreciated.

"In my vegetable garden this year I have various types of tomatoes, green beans, snow peas, huckleberries, zuchinni, cucumbers, artichokes, purple potatoes, lemons, mandarins, avacados, apricots and strawberries.

My strawberries are so small, they also get a white powdery look to them. What am I doing wrong?

Also does anyone know what natural, chemical free solutions there are for aphids? I thought there was a solution you could make out of dishwashing liquid?"
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Smile Strawberry

First the easy answer:
Also does anyone know what natural, chemical free solutions there are for aphids?
YES: Neem oil is the best for bedding plants, field plants, brambles, fruit Trees & house plants. Some Organic Cert Agencys turned it down because it kills some good bugs. Well so to does where I walk but this kills 100 percent not just gives them a good bubble bath then there back in a week.

Strawberrys are hard to grow. We have some Farm Boys who get money for Collage by growing Strawberrys in High School. The thing I remember most is the amount of spraying of Fungicide, insecticides these young Men had to do.

We have been Organic for over 3 Decades & Strawberrys are a rare short lived treat. We build a Pyramid plant & Spray Dipel for Worms, Rotenone & Pyrithium spray every 2 weeks. Clean everything that can carry over anything over Winter. Cover the whole thing with a tarp for the Winter.

Three to four years, & you need fresh new soil & try it again when you are ready for a lot of work. Get some good books on Organic growing they are up to date on new products in the Organic growers tool kits.

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