Weed control (blackberry etc.)


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Smile Weed control (blackberry etc.)

We have a number of weeds (growing very aggressively) from over a rock wall in our back yard. I used Round-Up (see http://www.roundup.com) in the recent past, and saw moderate results. As tempting as it is to continue with this (when weather permits in the North West), I would really prefer using (relatively) environmentally safe means to really bring these weeds under control.

After reading through http://www.greensense.net/vinegar.html, I am considering using WhiteVinegar in early Spring next year. However, I could not gather information (that I was looking for) regarding its potency or application durability. So, could someone either answer or help provide pointers to the following questions:

1. Would this mix work on weeds (such as blackberry, poison ivy and other robust weeds found in the North West) that have been growing for few months?
2. What is the best means for applying this? Can I do this via a sprayer (such as the miracle-gro can)? If so, what is a good concentrate/water mix ratio (6 oz of Vinegar/gallon of water)?
3. How long will this application have effect?

Thanks in advance

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Vines are challenging to kill with anything. Roundup frequently requires two applications.

The vinegar you seek is industrial strength and is applied with a sprayer. Whether it is more friendly to the environment than Roundup is a matter of opinion.

Here is a follow to your link on the efficacy of vinegar.


Herbicides don't perform particularly well late in the season because the plants are tough in the leaves. They work better on new growth when the plant is actively growing and temperatures are above 70 degrees F. I would wait until spring to spray. Just cut them back for now, unless you want to try spraying the new growth after cutting this year. I don't know how active plants are in your locale now.

Durability: once the weed is dead, it is dead. Vines often grow back from tuberous root, which makes them hard to kill. Roundup kills by migrating to the root and killing the root.

Hope this helps.
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Using round up

A good method if you don't have many vines or weeds is to apply roundup concentrate (not diluted) with a paint brush. Just wipe it on the leaves (be carefull of drips). It will kill anything. If you have a small sappling or small tree, cut it off a foot or two from the ground, soak a rag or piece of cloth in straight round up, and lay it on the fresh cut stump. Wrap a piece of plastic around and on top of it, and tape it closed. The stump and roots will die in a few months. Works like a charm. Just break stump off when dead.

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