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Unhappy Plant pest

Hello ALL! I'm new to this forum as well as gardening. My husband and I just moved into a new house that is landscaped quited well in the front. Just recently one of the bushes in the front yard has started to lose leaves and die. When I took a closer look, I noticed little white worm looking thins on the plant. The tiny white things don't move. My grandmother suggested pouring soapy water on the bush but that did not help. I'm not sure what it is or what to do. Help will be greatly apprecitated!
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What plant is this?
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Tiny white things

It's a shrub that is about three feet tall, it has green and yellow leaves. Sorry I don't know the name...I'm a newbee to gardening.
Thanks, QueenRobi
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Do you see any hairy webbing on the shrub (indicative of whitefly) or any small cottony looking spots (mealybug)?

Initial attempt could be to try to knock them off with a hard, direct spray of water. Depending upon what they are, horticultural soap or a citrus oil based product may get rid of them. Both products would be available at a local nursery. You might also pick a sample leaf, seal it in a plastic ziploc bag and bring it to a good local nursery where an onsite pro may be able to identify it and advise on how to rectify.

FYI - you might check into the availability of worm castings in your area. Here in Southern Calif., worm castings have been found to systemically prevent whitefly on hibiscus and also acts as a fantastic fertilizer. If you can get them, apply a 2in thick layer beneath the plant 2in. from the trunk out to the dripline. Work them into the soil and then water.
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sounds like young scale insects to me and if your plant is a euonomous[sp.] they tend to get them. before the scale get their hard shell, they are pretty easy to kill with common insecticides. after the shell is formed it alot harder.
take the advise above and take a sample to a nursery for positive i.d.

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