Removing dirt


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Removing dirt

Hi there, I don't knowif this is the appropriate forum but I was wondering how I can dispose of some excess dirt in my backyard?

Does anybody know if I can treat it as regular garbage? OR does anybody have any advice? I live in the Bay Area in California(in case anybody is familar with the garbage disposal companies in the area. )
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You might check with your solid waste agency for your municipality.

How much dirt? A shovelful, a cubic yard, more? I did not know you could have too much dirt.
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Smile Too much Dirt.

Hi wildcard

Since I don't know what too much dirt is doing to your Backyard, let me make a faw suggestion's. Many people plant gardens Flower/herb etc in a raised bed. A City grows up when it runs out of first floors, so raised beds can help Gardeners with low spots to fill. Or a 4' wide by 8' long raised bed will take a lot of dirt to raise it 8 to 10 inches tall.

Before you throw dirt away please offer it to someone with a shovel, & a Pick-up truck. Clean dirt & I am taking that it is clean fill dirt, is second only to Compost in a Gardeners want list. We always need more dirt for something I think the plants are eating it when my back is turned LOL.

Let us know if we are close.
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If you don't have low spots in the landscape or a slope on which to deposit the dirt, you can advertise that you have fill dirt available. Local newspapers here are always advertising a need for fill dirt and also for fill dirt available. You should have no problem getting rid of dirt. If it is top soil, then that's another issue. Top soil is in high demand and it can be sold.

If you decide to dispose of soil in backyard, keep in mind that soil around foundation of home should be sloped away from foundation to carry away excess rain. You don't want soil sloping back toward the structure, and you don't want low spots in the lawn.

As indicated, raised beds are an option in many landscapes, especially if the soil you want to dispose of is topsoil. Raised beds, if done appropriately, can provide topographical interest and creative gardening opportunities in flat landscapes.

You did not indicate why you have excess soil. If it is a small amount such as a result of edging along sidewalk, driveway, and curb, then simply bag it and put in the trash. Some areas limit how many bags of trash they will pick up each week, so you may have to slip a bag or two in along with regular trash each week until it is eliminated.
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Well I had part of my backyard paved with concrete. what's left is a U shaped perimeter of dirt and then my fence.

| |
| |
| |

So the middle is concrete. The perimeter is my fence. in between the fence and perimeter is dirt. I'd like to remove some dirt away because the dirt is pushing against the fence and soem planks are getting loose.

I don't plan to garden, unfourtantely. So I intend on spraying some grass/weed killer, placing a garden control net/tarp and placing accent stones on top.

I am afraid that when it rains, the rain is pushing the dirt against the fence.
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Smile Good reason

So how about offer it as a U pick up offer ( Newspapper etc. )? I'll bet it disappers real soon

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