Mushroom storage, will this work?


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Mushroom storage, will this work?

I was in a store today called "Bed, Bath, and Beyond". They had these plastic containers that you could put vegetables in or whatever, that could then pump all the air out by pressing a 'Ball' on top of the container (several times).
Would this type of environment be great for keeping mushrooms or not?
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Smile Increased life of Mushrooms

You know I think it would be like the Mushrooms own life cycle. The Agaracus Bi-Spora aka sold as the common white button Mushroom is short lived.

Shiitake & some of the dryer Mushrooms last longer & may benifit from less air. I just believe the 1 or 2 days from Button to spore release on the more perishable Mushrooms, they will bad go bad quickly air in or air out.

Just my opinion you understand.
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I love mushrooms and cook them many ways. I always buy them within a day or so from when I will be needing them. I really don't like being sick so I am very careful with them (don't try going out and picking my own). Too many people play the game of chance with them. It's a fungus, buy it, pay the price and be well. Kinda like wondering how you can tell if buttermilk has gone bad.
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How can buttermilk go already comes bad!

The device you are looking at to evacuate the air from a container with veggies in it will only cause more moisture to be drawn from the product, creating a humidor rather than a dehydrator.

Mushrooms need to be kept in near open conditions for maximum freshness.
That is, a paper bag rather than a plastic one.

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