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Smile Planting Hemlocks

I need to plant two hemlocks that are seven feet tall, I was wondering if I should untie the burlap sack or just leave it tied on to decompose. I would like to know of any good pointers anyone has on the proper planting of my hemlocks. THANKS
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instructions copy and pasted from a hemlock site online.

Special Planting Instructions for Hemlocks ONLY!
Prepare a planting hole 4-6 inches wider than the root ball. Dig deep enough so the top of the root ball is 1/2 -1” below ground level after planting. Planting slightly below ground level helps ensure adequate moisture for hemlocks.

After placing tree in planting hole, cut and remove any twine, burlap and wire basket. Be careful not to disturb root ball. Back fill the hole with a mixture of original soil and some organic peat moss. Water deeply. Do not place soil on top of the root ball.
Apply a 3" layer of shredded hardwood mulch on and around the planting to conserve moisture.

Hemlocks are shallow rooted and very sensitive to dry conditions. They need at least 1 to 1 1/2" of water per week. Keep watering until the ground is frozen in the fall to prevent winter damage. Monitor for water logged conditions as poor drainage can be damaging.

Allisonville Nursery

Hope this helps you

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