Landscape Island (berm)


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Landscape Island (berm)

We are using top soil to create a "raised" island to create interest for a tree we are planting. Is there a certain rise-to-run ratio that should be followed? Also, once we get the desired height, width, and shape, do we need to do anything to the soil since it so loose? Do we need to spray lightly with water to "compact" the soil?

Expecting to finish this tomorrow, so a quick response would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I have one of those 20 feet wide and 70 feet long. Don't make it too steep to walk up and down. You have to tend those beautiful plants. Mine is about 3 feet tall.

I would pack it as you build it, then loosen the top layer that you need to plant. Otherwise, you may wind up with a quagmire when it rains or find that it settles greatly in an irregular fashion as it settles with the rain and traffic.

We packed mine with the wheels of the skid steer as it built the berm. We used the soil that was removed in making my driveway. It is mostly top soil, as that was the soil that was removed.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the quick response. I will be working on it today, so this will be helpful.

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