white powdery mildew


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white powdery mildew

Early last summer I planted some apple seeds.Several germinated and are about 12" tall. The problem is powdery mildew. I sprayed with a polysul dormant as per directions and it killed most of the leaves. Does anyone have any direct experience treating white powdery mildew? I have heard of horticultural oil,anyone tried this?
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I have never had experience with powdery mildew on fruit trees however I have had it on roses. You must remove any affected leaves both on the tree and on the ground. These leaves MUST be destroyed. If you use a prunner to cut the leaves from the tree, they need to be disinfected after each cut. Disinfect with bleach solution. Here is a link on powdery mildew.


Hope this helps.
Good luck and post back
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Thankyou majakdragon for your effort.
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Hi Bob

Everyone knows of the dormant oil spray followed by the Lime/ Sulphur spray for early Spring clean up & prevention. Don't stop using them, however I found 2 more helpers that target fungi & under bark pests, I am impressed with both.

Having 4 wet years now, I have been working with 2 other sprays that show great promise. Neem oil spray highly antifungal & the new colloidal clay ( Surround ).

The full story, well not so full yet as we out in the fields, are finding new uses for Surround plant enhancement spray every season. I have a link in the (useful garden links) sticky on surround. Surround leaves a thin white coat on leaves, & bark keeping the plant cooler longer on hot days. This allows the plant to continue photosynthesis longer on hot summer days a difference you can see. New transplants sprayed with surround don't wilt & root much quicker in the field.

We are 100 percent Organic & don't use any anti fungal Chems.

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