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Garden Bugs

Hi ,

I'm a new member and have a question about garden bugs. This year I tried building a raised Hot Bed garden and did'nt use pesticides or chemicals. Because it was my first garden I tended it every day. As things started to grow pretty good by june I noticed my turnups wilting. I dug some up and there were some tunnels and bug larve in them and every one was lost (about100) I also had problems with my Giant Sunflowers I guess they got another kind of fly that layed eggs on the plant right befor harvest most of them were toast. Nothing else was afected just these plants .My question is are these bugs in my garden now for good, and how can I rid myself of them .

I live in Rhodeisland where its pretty cold in the winter if that will help.

Thanks Mike
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Smile The Organic way

Hi Mike Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

I can't help you with the Petrochemicals however since early in the 1970s I chose the organic way of Farming. We have a Pest management schedule just as a Chemical grower.

Bugs & slugs are the ways nature controls plants & when Man brought his weak modern plants it was a bugs delight. That does not mean we just let nature take her course no not quite.

Please look UP at the sticky above that is called useful Garden links we have many links in our Link library that will help in your battle with bugs.

Mike said: I live in Rhode Island where its pretty cold in the winter if that will help.

Well lets say you do have less bugs both good & bad winter kill compared to Fla. Good Bugs yes indeed there are bugs that eat bugs that are eating your plants. Some companys that even sell good bugs like nematodes that seek out & kill bad grubs before they change into a Beetle that eats then lays hundreds of eggs.

You chose a great time in the history of Gardening to grow Organic. We have an arsinal of natural Earth Friendly products, the likes of what we never had before. Just as the public has chosen not to consume toxins in their food many more Gardners have chosen not to toxify the earth when there is a safer better way.

Ask many questions get to know the other Gardeners you are amoung friends who love the art of growing. Have fun with the link & put together a pest plan of your own for next season. You can find all & any organic products online you will need for the next season.

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