trans planting small dog wood


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trans planting small dog wood

I'm trans planting small dog wood and would like to know how often
I should water it.

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water it in good after planting to get the air pockets out, then just keep it moist. most areas will get enough moisture from rain this time of year. i would think once every week or two would be enough during dry periods. also, if it is going to get extremely cold water the night before.
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As kerry pointed out, keep it watered. A dogwood will sometimes die in winter if not adequatgely watered. Even in warm weather, periodic watering is good if the rainfall is skimpy. Dogwoods don't manage water well. I guess it is due the their nature of being an understory tree sharing the ground water with larger trees.

Feed the dogwood a balanced fertilizer in late December or early January. This will go to the roots, rather than force the growth of leaves as would happen with spring or summer feedings.

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