Queen Palm


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Queen Palm

I planted an 8 ft Queen Palm (about 6 in diameter trunk at the base) this past Spring. It was always a light colored green, but now it has changed to a yellow green. The color is the same all over, not just a few fronds or the tips. It still continues to produce new fronds from the center. I have another one that I planted this past Fall (from a different nursery) and it is a much darker green and hasn't changed color at all. They are in the same bed but opposite ends of the house and both get full sun. I haven't fertilized it since the root stimulator when I first planted it. Is it missing something or did I just get the species with light colored fronds?
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It may be simply the difference in the locations of the plants. I planted two little gem magnolias 20 feet apart on different sides of my driveway. They both were nearly identical when purchased and planted. Both get fed and watered the same. One is nearly twice the size of the other and blooms more intensely.

I have observed this in other trees in my yard. Go figure.
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Not sure what you have there in the ground But here anytime the palm tips get yellow you have to add some Epsom salts Its the magnesium sulfate they need .We do it about 2 times a year.


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