where can I find garden edging like this?


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Red face where can I find garden edging like this?

I don't know if it is a specific type or done with tumbled paver stones. It is a raised edge with a flat ground flush paver in front of it. The edging or method allows a lawn mower wheel to go up to the edging and therefore no need for trimming/cleanup work.

I would like to do this in a wave pattern around a patio with grading that slopes away from the patio.

Any links or demos would be appreciated as this is a big project and I'm a novice. I have been selecting plants for the past year.
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My guess is that you would make this with two stones.
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You will still need a trimmer. The mower blade cannot get next to the stone - you wouldn't want it to as that would be very dangerous. You have the thickness of the mower deck, plus a gap between the blade and the deck.

The mower would have to ride over the bottom layer of stone. So either buy thin bricks (inch or less), or put a layer of mulch next to the stone wall.
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I think they are called mowing strips. Sorta like the link below for DIY. I did see a product in a magazine once that was very similar and L shaped for quick installation. Anyone????


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