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I have a 10 X 12 dining room with large east and south windows. It is pretty much unused and would like to grow vegies in the winter. I live in Colorado. Any ideas on a part time indoor garden as far as planters, etc..? Thank you, Jamie
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Hi Jamie, you might be better putting your question under gardens for growing possibilities, this forum is really for the repair or building greenhouses and sunrooms, I hope this helps a little, Handyman..

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Question confused

Jamie, I read your question in the GARDEN FORUM, did you ever get an answer? I live in Idaho and I am thinking of doing the same thing, winters are to long and I need some green! Especially the kind I can eat.

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Yes, vegies can be grown indoors though you will want to consider short season varieties, space requirements, etc. Try bush type, etc. You can even raise your own tomatoes.

Go to your local library and check out books on Florescent Light Gardening. You will need additional light due to short day length. It's easiest to use an automatic timer for convenience in order to extend day length for a few hours.

You will need a 10 - 18 hour total day length including sunlight or lights on for the entire time on cloudy days. 14-18 hrs. for production time to trigger bloom, fruit set (with hand pollinization), and maturation of fruit. 4' shop lights with standard cool white tubes (cheapest) are quite sufficient. You do not need the expensive, special light tubes.

Also, bear in mind that many plants will not fruit or produce without pollinization. "You get to be the bee"!! It's easy though a little time consuming and fiddly.

Good luck, a retired commercial greenhouse/nursery owner

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Window gardening

I have a small "garden window", I grow herbs in. I have to add the additional light, also additional heat, I use heat cables under my flats to help germination. Many plants need bottom heat to speed germination. They're heat matts on the market that are just the right size for a flat. (or you can do it the frugal way and set the flats/covered with plastic on top of the refrigerator, there is normally enough heat to help germination. Once the leaves appear, put under lights, keeping a close eye as they grow to be only acouple of inches away, but not touch.

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