Weeding Flower Beds


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I have heard there are products that you can spray in flower beds to kill off unwanted grass and weeds and it will not harm the flowers - does it really work and what is the best time to do this - is it too early now?

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I have used the product called Preen on my flower bed with success. The best job of course is weeding by hand as soon as you seen the invader. I walk thru the yard before I mow the grass and pull weeds as I go, then mow them up. If you stay on top of them it seems manageable. Weeding is just another wonderful part of gardening! I live in Tacoma Washington and I think we didn't have a winter this year. I am still mowing my grass on clear days!
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Candy -
I used to live in Pennsylvania, and I heard (although I was never smart enough to try it) that Preen is great. Kills the weeds and grass that go into your garden, but doesn't hurt the plants (don't know how it works that way!) Also putting mulch (licorice root is the best) on the top of the soil after you plant helps - although you still get some weeds, they are SO easy to pull!

I think probably April (on the east coast - now on the west) is better to do it....

Good Luck!

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I have a lot of flowers and have found that covering the dirt around the flowers with a fine bark stops the weeds. They don't grow in the dark. The bark also helps hold the moisture in during the really warm weather. And last but not least, it looks really nice
I also live in Washington State and did my first mowing of the season last week--darn!
Also on my way to get a new 1/2 yard of fine bark. Hope this helps

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