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My new house has very large rhodies in front and side of house and I think they are too big. What is the recommendation for cutting back - should I wait until the fall? any suggestions are appreciated.
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Rhododendrons are spring blooming plants and as such set next years flower buds during this years growth. Prune them immediately after they finish there bloom cycle to prevent cutting off next year's blooms. Never cut a Rhododendron back by more than 1/3 or the plant can go into shock. You can prune to thicken the plant with heading cuts or thin the plant out with thinning cuts. A heading cut removes part of a branch and the plant will respond by producing new growth at the nearest leaf bud on that branch in the direction the bud is facing. With some attention to leaf bud location you can direct the future growth of a plant in this way. A thinning cut removes an entire branch and the plant will respond by directing growth to other parts of the plant.

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