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I have heavy clay soil in my garden. Due to a bad back it is difficult for me to put new soil in. I use miracle grow on my flowers every two weeks. Unfortunatly, they are not as beautiful as my neighbors flowers. She has new soil. Is there anything I can do to improve the condition of this kind of soil?
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The best thing to improve heavy clay soils is the addition of organic material. Compost, manure, composted sawdust, leaf mold, coffee grounds, eggshells, shredded bark, and/or wood ashes will all help to improve a clay soil. Gypsum and lime will also be of help in improving clay soils but are not as effective and durable as organic soil amendments. Work as much as possible into the soil at every opportunity. I realize with health problems it is difficult if not impossible to improve the yard so DON'T. Next time you plant a plant, add just enough soil to improve the soil for that plant. Help your garden one tiny section at a time. Don't go out to fix your yard, go out and fix the area by the corner or whatever amount of work you can handle in a single effort. This approach works for those with poor health, limited budgets and limited time ie - most of us. You will NEVER have the time to do it all, but by taking on small sections at a time, you may stop and realize one day that the garden is beautiful and healthy.

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