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I have pruned the trees around my yard and I am wondering if I should put something to protect the areas that were cut. Should I use paint? Somebody once suggested tar? Is there a special sealer or will any paint do?

Thanx in advance for any help.
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For MOST trees, you are better off making a clean cut with no ragged edges that leaves virtually no branch stump - ie : leaving only the branch collar. The tree will be able to heal this type of cut over faster than either a ragged cut and/or a cut with a stump remaining to rot. The exception to this rule would be plants in the Prunus or Cornus genus that are susceptable to borer damage. Peaches, plums, dogwoods, laurels and many other ornamentals are targeted by boring insects that will enter at any would site. ALL cuts made on this type of tree should be sealed with a pruning seal. Creasote, tar, waterproof glue and various commercial products are available. Treating the trunk of susceptable trees with seven dust or dursban will also prevent borer infestations but may not control borers once they are already tunneling into the bark.

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