Tulips in the house


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Tulips in the house

I have some tulip bulbs and want to plant them in a vase in the house with just water. But they are just bulbs and need to know the correct way to force them and to put them in the water. Can I just drop them in and wait, or do I need to do something else to get them to grow.

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Its too late for this spring. You need to plant them in a pot and then they must go thru the cold cycle. Yes, they will not bloom with having been cold for several weeks.
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Actually, you *can* force them to bloom any time of year. Plant them in a large metal coffee can then place it in the freezer for several weeks. This tricks the bulbs into believing the cold season has passed.
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The bulbs MUST be planted in a soil mixture and allowed to grow. When they stary to bloom you can then cut the blooms off, stems intact and place this part in water. Bulbs can not live in a vase of water. The bulb,and root of the plant you are trying to grow will become waterlogged and rot. The roots need water but they also need air.A vase of water restricts air and causes the bulb to drown.

Good luck with your project.

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