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I have spent the last couple hours pulling up sod from a new garden area. The job is slow, tedious, and discouraging. It will take me a week at this rate. What is the best way to get old sod up to plant a garden? What is the quickest way?
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Roto-tilling is the most common easy way, if referring to the amount of labor. It is actually best done the prior fall and that gives time for the sod to break down in the soil. Can be a little gummy if one tries to plant directly after tilling in the sod.
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Other than tilling, manual labor is about the only way, unless you can manage to rent a sod-cutter, a machine used by sod farms to actually cut sod, but I doubt it. My local rental places don't handle them.
So manually, here is what I do. Get a square end shovel. Make a line of cuts parallel about the shovel blade distance apart. Then come back and make perpindicular cuts every shovel width. You know have a whole bunch of squares to insert the shovel under and attempt to lift up. The first is the most difficult to remove, after that they get easier. The depth of your cuts depends upon your type of grass. Bermuda, zoysia, etc (spreading grasses are fairly shallow rooted). Good luck, Drink plenty of water and watch your back.

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