What is this stuff?


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What is this stuff?

I know this stuff is fairly common as we had the same thing as a border when I was growing up, but i don't know what it is called or how to get rid of it.
Here is a picture of my front "flower bed" (I use the term loosely because there are no flowers in it unless you count the tiny purple ones that come out of the grass every so oftern...). http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12...s/IMG_4083.jpg
I would like to dig it up and put some azaleas in the bed, the grass right now is just a big pine needle catcher...
Will also be asking the same about pampas grass. I have heard this stuff is pretty nasty to try and remove, especially since ours is pretty tall already. I have thought about cutting the suckers down to the ground and seeing how they grow back before decided to completely take them out.
Help anyone?
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The grass in your picture LOOKS and SOUNDS like Creeping Bentgrass. This might possibly be killed out by using a non-selective weed killer like Round-Up. This will only kill the grasses present now. Any seeds that have fallen will then grow and the process will have to be repeted. Round-Up is a non-selective weed killer and will kill anything it touches. This includes any flowers you may have planted. It is a systemic herbicide,meaning it won't stick around in the ground. If you use a TOTAL VEGATATION herbicide, it will last for many months,usually a year or more. NOTHING WILL GROW!!!!.

You can take a sample of the grass to your local county extension service and they can tell you EXACTLY what it is. Make sure you take a complete plant, grass and roots both.

Good luck with your project
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Yes, Roundup is a systemic herbicide that works only through the leaves, and is not absorbed (or it doesn't work through) the roots. It also happens that it doesn't stay in the ground very long.

And yes, it just looks like broadleafed grass, nothing special. If you pull it up it will likely leave runners and will return next week. It also probably has lots of seeds in the ground which will grow when they have a chance.

I think Preen prevents seeds from germinating, so that would be good for the seed part of the issue.

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