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I recently built a patio and was wondering how to promote the growth of moss between the stones. What do I do?
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Half curdled buttermilk
Half stale beer
Moss of your choice

Blend to liquify. Sprinkle where desired. Keep moist. It's a slow growth process. I covered my patio with this goop in February and it's just now beginning to show from a distance. Our landscaper says the moss will be growing over the pavers by next fall.

I also recommend planting what garden centers in such stores as HomeBase and Jerrys call "stepables" which are instant flora and spread rather quickly. I took 4 inch plants, sliced away 2 inches of soil from their bottom, and then sliced the remaining plant section into 6 plants which were easily pushed between my pavers. Thyme is good. As you can guess, my patio has quite a variety of growth.

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