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Tree Stump

I bought a house with a big tree stump (red oak about 20 inches in diameter) cut at about 6" above the ground line. The back yard is too small to get a grinder back there. Read some articles about drilling holes and adding, buttermilk, molases, etc to let it rot faster. Works for me but doesn't this attract termites?

Any advise would be appreciated.
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Decaying wood will attract organisms that eat the component parts. If the stump is not close to your house, there should be no problem. I guess that since you cannot get a grinder back there, a small backhoe would not fit either.

It may be that you could dig it loose and cut it with a saw, then remove the pieces. You could cut it off nearly at the ground with a chain saw, then work from there.

There are some commercial products available that will hasten the decay of the stump.

Hope this helps.
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i dont know if you can get away with this in your area, but i have taken stumps out by burning them.
i used a 55 gallon barrel with both ends cut out. put it over the stump, add wood and some charcoal. light it and keep it going as long as you can[4-6 hrs or more]. get out the weenies and enjoy it. leave the coals in for a day or two until they cool. stump removed!

you do know you can rent small walk behind grinders dont you?
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We had one in the front yard

but couldn't afford to have it ground out at that particular I had an old barrel/bucket planter, stuck it over the top, filled it with soil and planted one was the wiser...he he...might make a nice focal point/sitting area if you could try something like that? Just thinking out loud
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Yeah if you have any type of an entrance into your backyard......a gate or something, a smaller push grinder should fit. Or I would dig around it, cut it out.
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Some people hollow them out and make a planter out of them. Filling it with dirt will expose it to organisms and hasten the decay, meaning it might take 5 years instead of 10 years to get "punky" and soft enough to pull out. Others put a planter on top, or a bench on top to hide it. Others mound dirt over it to make a hill, then plant flowers on top.

I used something where you drill 1/2" holes all over the top of the stump, then pour this powder in, then keep it wet for a week. This decays the lignin, which holds the cells together and makes them hard. Then you soak it in kerosene and burn it out. Well, the stump didn't burn very long, thus the whole process didn't work.

So, just drill it full of holes so insects and water will get in there, keep it wet, maybe add some liquid fertilizer to help bacteria grow and help the stomp rot. I think the key here is keeping it wet. Like make it into a bowl shape, but with no holes, to make sure the water will stay in there. Then keep the bowl filled up. It might take 1-3 years, don't expect something fast.

Farmers also blast stumps out of their fields with various explosives, probably not an option in your area.

One last option is to dig around the stump to 18" or more, cut all the roots you can find, but you will have left one large taproot which goes straight down from the middle of the stump. THAT'S the one which will be a bugger to cut, so people usually hook a chain up to the stump, and pull with their truck or a winch.

Yes, hardwood stumps are hard to get rid of. And pine are not much easier.

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