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How do I build a retaining wall? I'm landscaping a hill in my yard. I need to know how to figure out the measurements so I can put steps in the hill. Thanks
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Check your local library. Tons of books have instructions for calculating retaining walls. NOTE: It is not adviseable for a Do-It-Your-Selfer to attempt a wall more than 3'-4' high without some expert advice and/or assistance due to soil hydraulics, drainage, etc. The formula for garden steps is determined partly by how steep or shallow they must be due to lay of land. The proper proportion of tread (flat surface) to riser (the vertical) is - Twice the riser plus the tread should equal 26". Ex: 6" riser/14" tread (2 times 6=12 plus 14 = 26).
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Hello - If those steps you referred to means terraces see first part of above answer. You'll also need to take into account frost line, weep holes, footings to support weight of wall, and batter (generally 2" to 3" per foot of height for a dry wall --only 1" to 2" for a wet wall). Batter is how far in the wall leans for every foot it rises in height.

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