Pear tree problems


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Our pear tree gave us lots of wonderful fruit last year. It is loaded with 1"-2" diameter fruit right not. However, it is dropping leaves. Some of the leaves are turning yellow and are covered with black spots. There are green leaves on the tree with black spots as well. Several of the pears on the tree have turned black on the bottom. Are we losing the tree? Any ideas? I have no idea how old the tree is. We have lived here about 1 1/2 years. Last year's pears were wonderful. Thanks for any ideas!
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It's hard to do this long distance as there are several possibilities but let's give it a try.

Pear scab starts as a velvet olive-green spot on the fruit which turns black and scabby looking. On the leaves scab makes black spots. Does this describe what you are seeing? This plant disease likes warm, damp weather. Remove any leaves or fruit infected with scab and be sure to keep them picked up from under the tree when they fall. Destroy - don't compost. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling infected leaves and fruit and try not to spread it by touching leaves/fruit not yet showing symptoms. Stay away from the tree when leaves/fruit are wet and try to water the ground under the tree not the tree itself if you can.

Fire blight is another possibility but it doesn't quite fit your description. For a pro-active approach to your problem contact your local county extension agent. You will find them in the government section of your phone book under your county's listings. The extension people are good, can make a sure identification, and can recommend a course of action for you. They know your climate and what will work best in your area.

Another source of help for you is to look in your yellow pages under fertilizer. Call around for a source of agricultural chemicals (organic or regular - your choice). These people will also have experts on hand.

Your local plant nursery is also a source of help. I wouldn't bother with the big box stores or local discount sellers. They seldom have anyone of sufficient knowledge to help you with your problem.

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