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I live in a Chicago suburb and am looking for a material to make cages for my tomatoe plants. I have some 4"x4" wire cages but I forgot where I bought the stuff. I dont want concrete reinforcement because it rusts and its too heavy and I probably cant cut it or bend it to make a cylinder. I guess I need galvanized wire. I need big openings to take tomatoes through and I need it at least 5 feet tall.
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Do you have any "hardware" or "big box" stores relatively close? Head for the wire fencing dept. Look for open-mesh fencing. If they have they can cut to length for you. If not available go to Sears and get their specialty catalog "Farm and Ranch" or similar.

One other thing you can do is not cage at all. When at the "big box" store look in lumber dept. for 2"x2" cedar or redwood. Using these as posts (3-4 per plant) tie garden twine around them as the plant grows. Basically you're containing the plant as it lengthens. You can also use a single pole per plant and loosely tie plant to it.

Cages are nice but not really required if you've got some space. I've grown tomatoes with no support at all. They produced the most tomatoes while they just sprawled all over the place.

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